José Araujo de Souza

Happy are those who can do
your home in some heart.
Those who can feel it in the chest
the safe effect of friendship.
Those who can love
an infinite love
and die for it, if need be,
because that is true love.
Happy are those who come home,
anytime and any day,
they smile at the entrance to the room for being in their place again.
Happy are those who have
at any time, forever,
where to live and where they can, at the right time,
die surrounded by friends.
Happy are those who can say,
open-hearted and pure soul:
“I only have my
my body and spirit,
because I shared it, my whole life,
so that others would also have
everything I could offer. “
To these living beings,
to whom the gift of life was given by God,
holiness awaits them.

Hello, friends.
My name is José Araujo de Souza, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, creator of the websites http://www.professorpoeta.com.br and http://www.contos de sacanagem.com.br and I publish in English and other languages. I make myself available to everyone, through my websites or by email josearaujodesouza@yahoo.com.br for suggestions, criticisms and opinions that can serve as a basis for the improvement of my work.
The websites http://www.professorpoeta.com.br and http://www.contosdesacanagem.com.br are not sponsored and therefore do not earn me any money. Help me to keep them clean like this, donating any amount for their maintenance, through the account 43.725-5 Banco 3608-0 of Banco do Brasil or
buy my e-books at:

Amazon through the link

http://www.hotmart.com, br

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