José Araujo de Souza

Look, I need you
because my nights are cold and sad
like fallen rose, without color, without perfume, without life.
I need you
to inhabit my world,
walk with me in my dreams
and guide my steps.
To be the air I breathe and the love I love,
if I’m still allowed to have love.
I need you
so that I can take your hands in mine
and walk aimlessly, feeling the wind
and the singing of birds chirping hymns
that we will never forget.
So that I can feel that loving makes sense.
Look, I need you
to live my most beautiful dream.
Even though I’m far from my body
I feel the warmth of your presence
and I feel calm.
Even out of your eyes I love
when they look at me, loving, I hear your voice
who speaks softly, scared,
and I hear nothing but you.
Look, I need you so much,
that if I were you,
wouldn’t leave me

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