(Episode 38)
When the news that Sô Neca, Zéca da Guia and Miguel do Boqueirão had been summoned and had already appeared in the barracks to testify, Lourival Branquelo understood immediately what was happening. They were going to summon to depose all those who, in some way, had participated in the excursion of the students of the Federal Rural University to Mutum, in 1963. There were four involved, he knew, because he was one of them. “Holy shit, but it’s been so long,” he said to his wife, Niquinha. “I thought they had already forgotten about that shit tour”, she added saying “I didn’t even remember anymore”. Poor Niquinha looked scared. “Can you be arrested? But you didn’t do anything too much. And it’s been so long, ”he concluded. “Now, what are we going to do?” asked Niquinha. “Wait, Niquinha. It’s just what I can do. ” He replied. “What worries me is how Marcelo Doido will react when they go after him”,
Lourival Branquelo had been the first Mutum student to enter the Federal Rural University, in Campo Grande, in Rio de Janeiro. He was a few years older than the others who followed him afterwards.
He graduated as a Veterinarian. His parents were already deceased and he lived in the city, at Rua das Flores, where he attended at his Veterinary Clinic, which was also where he lived with his wife Niquinha and three younger children.
Lourival Branquelo, in addition to being the first Mutum student to pass the entrance exam at the Federal Rural University, Campo Grande, in Rio de Janeiro, where he graduated as a veterinarian, was responsible for the contact made with unionist Paulo de Sá and his brother , Professor Carlos, combining the trip of students from that University on a cultural mission, Mutum.
As he was in charge of selecting the colleagues who would go on the tour, he gave preference to those who, at the Federal Rural University, were considered to have leftist tendencies, or, more precisely, who sympathized with communist countries.
Lourival Branquelo before becoming a university student had never taken a political position. Like most young people in Mutum, he liked sports, doing nothing and dating. He was not excited about politics. However, when he became a university student, everything changed in the first week, when a classmate, for whom he had felt a certain attraction, invited him to accompany her in a debate that would take place in one of the Academic Directories of the Campus. There, for the first time Lourival Branquelo heard about the political situation in Brazil.
It didn’t take long to feel like a true communist and be affiliated with the Brazilian Communist Party – PC do B, taking with him, in a bag, a copy of his Statute, which he insisted on reading every day, in addition to quotes you in your conversations, whenever you had opportunities, wherever you went. Until the courtship ended, when his political ideals were shaken when he discovered, one night, that his girlfriend was also staying with a teacher. Their communist excitement also ended with dating.
When, after graduating, he returned to Mutum, he no longer wanted to get involved in politics or even a simple discussion. He dated, engaged and married Niquinha, a beautiful elementary school teacher in the District of Lajinha do Mutum.
That night, when they went to bed, Niquinha leaned against Lourival Branquelo and started an affection that he loved, kissing his neck. Then, lost in thought, he gently pushed her away “Not today, Niquinha. Not today.”
(To be continued next week)

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OPERAÇÃO MUTUM is a political fiction whose actions take place in Mutum, a small town in the interior of Minas Gerais, in the 1970s, during the Military Government constituted by the so-called Revolution of 1964. The facts narrated in OPERAÇÃO MUTUM, as well as the characters that parade in its more than two hundred pages, they are products of the author’s imagination, although the places mentioned are true. Historical events are real and of public knowledge and / or based on sources cited in the narrative. OPERATION MUTUM presents a mixture of fiction and reality and its main objective is to entertain the reader using a clear, simple and easy to understand narrative. Any similarities identified by the reader with characters mentioned in OPERAÇÃO MUTUM will have, with absolute certainty, a mere coincidence.
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