José Araujo de Souza

Listen, heart, I will tell you everything I know. So, you can react as you wish. Hitting harder, with more anger. Or beating weaker, with fear and pain. Hit as you like. You know, liking it has come a long way. Sinuous, tortuous. Full of interlaces, disenchantments and mismatches. I didn’t want to let you be reached. I avoided so much. But in the end, surrendered, I let you give yourself up. Your surrender, heart, was fatal because you preferred it. So, I was happy as a child. Because you were happy. I let him hit himself uncontrollably and startle. The consequence, my heart, was that love so strong, ever greater. Now, I’ve learned to control your pulse. Even so, sometimes, I realize when you shake. When I don’t realize it, the blood is already running faster and hotter. I feel like you’re almost choking. Then, I gradually dominate it. Until you stay calm again. It did not diminish your love or cool my passion. No, heart, I’m just aware that it doesn’t just belong to me anymore. So, I take care of you more because it hits my chest but it’s not just mine anymore. It is also hers. I just take care to have it right, close, with me. I feed it every day. With her eyes, her body, her speech, her memory and her longing. Your food, heart, is my comfort. In one thing we will never disagree: we love her more than anything. You know, heart, we will always love her because we both belong to her. Even if it is impossible to always be with her, she will always be with us. This, heart, is your story. It’s mine. Now, heart, beat at the pace you want. Its pulse is our life. Mine, yours, hers.

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OPERAÇÃO MUTUM is a political fiction whose actions take place in Mutum, a small town in the interior of Minas Gerais, in the 1970s, during the Military Government constituted by the so-called Revolution of 1964. The facts narrated in OPERAÇÃO MUTUM, as well as the characters that parade in its more than two hundred pages, they are products of the author’s imagination, although the places mentioned are true. Historical events are real and of public knowledge and / or based on sources cited in the narrative. OPERATION MUTUM presents a mixture of fiction and reality and its main objective is to entertain the reader using a clear, simple and easy to understand narrative. Any similarities identified by the reader with characters mentioned in OPERAÇÃO MUTUM will have, with absolute certainty, a mere coincidence.


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