José Araujo de Souza

Before you formulate a thought
I’ll be leaving already,
away from your arms
who beckon me,
of your lips that call
and of your hands, which I adore,
who can no longer arrest me.

Before you wake up from the dream,
I will be gone
and your appeals will no longer be valid,
and my promises will have already lost
his value.

Before you can sense,
I will no longer be the company
who accompanied you, step by step,
night to night, all your days.

Before you can weep,
I will be your longing,
your memory and strength
that without me will keep you alive
for all life.

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CONSENOR – Uma Utopia Poética

CONSENOR – A Poetic Utopia

THEIR (Erotic fiction of their sexual memories)

FROM THEM (Erotic fiction of sexual memories from them)


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