Finally, retired after more than half a century of work working in the area of ​​education. Throughout this time, trying to learn, improve and keep up with the constant and very fast changes that I could witness, in the world I live in, from the beginning of the 70s until 2020, when we were surprised by the arrival of the Corona Virus and forced impose home withdrawal and social distance. As we were not prepared for this sad news, we had to improvise our daily actions. One of the biggest difficulties we are facing is keeping our time filled. The days stopped having twenty-four hours to become infinite. And so they are. They never end. They merged with the nights. Dawn and dusk are no longer the reference for our activities. Confined at home, we need to make better use of our time and, many times, we find ourselves in a few moments with nothing to do. That’s when we feel scared, lost, helpless and some of us are driven to despair. Inside our houses, we exhausted what we had to do, room by room. Outside, where we were distracted and spent a lot of our idle time, the damn little thing watching us and waiting for us. Merciless and cruel. The worst is that it kills us. As careful as we are, during this pandemic our security and our survival does not depend only on us. All the others who live with us on our Planet Earth, close or not, familiar or not, known or unknown, anyone who, for whatever reason, ventures out there, becomes responsible for our safety. Or for making us contaminate. What is certain is that in this year of 2021 we need to understand the need to program ourselves to better occupy our time. Each of us needs to do our part, wherever we are, for us to survive. Hoping and praying to God that he will not let us lose hope in the discovery of vaccines and medicines that can eliminate this dangerous enemy from our lives. And let this be done quickly. In the meantime, my time, to a large extent, is being devoted to what I most enjoy doing: reading a lot and writing a lot. So, for those who spend their time like I do, I am making all the books I write available on the HotMart platform, through the links:


Poems and short stories, which I call “Flashes” and that speak of love, longing, passion, joy, pain, dreams, losses, longing, distance, happiness, hopes, belief Simple language. Current themes. Musicality. Soft romanticism. Magic and charm. Born from moments of inspiration, they had as their final destination the bottom of some drawer in any desk, where they would be buried and forgotten. Today, they become children of the world. They have been mine for a long time. Now, they are yours. Make them the best of them.



Access. Buy it. Disclose.

This is the way I found to try to help those who, like me, need to occupy the time they have and deploy themselves in care to continue surviving. I embrace everyone and I pray to the Father at all times so that he does not strip us, protect us and guard us.

José Araujo de Souza

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