Live the peace!

(Tatiana Belinky)
Two kittens
grappled, stunned.
The owner got angry
and the broom grabbed!
And despite the cold, at the time,
swept them out the door,
right in the middle of winter,
with a cold “from hell”!
The kittens, scared,
they shrunk, already frozen,
by the door, in the garden,
awaiting the sad end!
Of cowardly terror,
the two poor kittens,
they couldn’t even meow,
regretting so much bad luck!
Without hearing a meow,
the owner, on the other hand,
the kittens were sorry,
and the door opened at once!
Even though it’s so cold,
the two creepy kittens
Zás! Right next to the stove
arise without complaint!
And the owner commented:
whoever started!
A silly trouble like that
it is good that it has an end soon!
And then she added
they don’t want to fight anymore, do they?
And the kittens, curled up,
they forgot the fight, relieved.
Comforted, in the warm,
with peace and affection,
sleep well, dear animals,
the fight already forgotten.

Crossing is the English version of my book Travessia – Contos e Poemas, sold on HotMart, and can be purchased through two links:
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José Araujo de Souza

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