José Araujo de Souza

When we look in the mirror and we no longer see, there,
reflected, our image;
When we walk the streets, for hours, and we don’t notice anymore
no smile addressed to us;
When the pain of the wounded emotion in our chest is greater,
a thousand times greater than physical pain;
When the love we have to give is so great and so desperate
that we dare not leave him with whomever we want;
When we need to have a lot and we feel the fraction of time is increasing
between the drops we receive, it is better, much better, that we let our body stay
stretched out, foreshortened, tattered and miserable, without candles, without flowers, without anything, in a distant ditch or in any remote place on a road that leads nowhere.
Thus, without any cross as a reference, we will have peace and recognition of our real condition as unburied dead.

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