The yellow bird

Ives de Oliveira Souza Júnior

Hurried day was mine. Wake up early. Take the girls to class. And then the wife to the job. And finally I arrived at work. Difficult and stressful job. The clock signaling noon was my redemption. I left the Revenue building very quickly. That day, I chose not to go to lunch with colleagues.
I wanted to feel alone. I went to that restaurant by the river. Far from the city center, famous for the hype on the weekends, but always bad on productive days. I sat at a table right next to the parapet, to have a wide and clean view of the landscape.
I ordered a fish stew. I ate and I was satisfied. I ordered the waiter to bring me the bill. Just as he entered the kitchen, a boy who occupied the only table besides mine, got up and left. Without company, instantly, I
I felt myself shrink in that space that was so small, but that was so big for me. I looked at a prop beside me. I noticed a bird perched. A beautiful yellow bird. It had a crest, a long beak, and its wings were streaked in black and white. I had never seen that species, me, a curious birdwatcher. I was looking at him.
He, as if sensing that someone was looking at him, returned it, looking me in the eye. I was startled by his attitude. Moments passed.
The two of them, standing there, just exchanging glances. Penetrating looks.
An impression. I already know this bird. A sensation. This bird knows me. A mystical marriage through eyes. I felt a deep pleasure inside me. And I know that the bird felt it too. The waiter arrived. The bird flew. A little saddened, I left the check on the table, and went straight to the car. I couldn’t get the image of the bird and its vibrant yellow out of my head. The mind teeming with ideas. I considered the possibility of spending the whole afternoon there, of returning in the next few days, of staying at the hotel next to the restaurant. I suddenly remembered that I had to pick up my wife at work. A shock on the front windshield. I opened the window. The body of the yellow bird lying on the ground.

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