José Araujo de Souza

One of these days I’m going to get to the moon as astronauts do in their space missions to research the other worlds that we have nothing to do with. If I continue to have these dreams that I have, I will be able to do better than them and I will end up writing a science fiction book that will end up giving me a great literature prize from those who only come out to writers that nobody can understand what they write because they are so crazy that they are much more than I even. My dreams are all without different forms as if I could not see all the pictures in their natural order as they appear inside my mind. The only image I can see every night in my dreams is your face and your body surrounded by lights that will not let me forget you later when I wake up in the morning. The only memory I have of my dreams is a delicious taste on my lips that I can’t help remembering all day until I can’t. But it wouldn’t even be necessary to have all these dreams every night because if there’s one thing I don’t forget, it’s the delicious taste of your lips when they touch my lips or when they make a nice caress on my body. There was a time when I didn’t dream of anyone. It was like an empty hole, a deep well that had been filled with earth and it was not well accommodated in its place, leaving some empty spaces. Every day a bigger accommodation. Until the initial hole is left open again. As if I was unable to see any image in my nights even when I could not sleep a calm sleep and in my sleep agitation the dreams did not arrive. Today I just need to close my eyes for a moment to be able to sleep right away and dream about you right away. It may not be crazy but there is in my dreams the certainty that when I am dreaming I can really touch your body with my hands and the feeling I feel is better than anything I can imagine because it is your body that I am touching when I dream and every time I touch you I like even more to be able to like you. It is crazy madness to dream of you in my dreams.

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