mutum operation – THE CATHERINE

(Episode 24)

In a little place located not far from the Serra do São Roque, a few kilometers away from Pedra Invejada, lived Beniamino, known in Mutum as “O Catarina”, with his wife Donata. The former owner had assured him that there, at the foot of the mountain, could live quiet. It was all His Beniamino, the “Catherine” wanted.

He was born in Santa Catarina, where he had left as a young man to live in São Paulo, the capital. It was there, in the largest city of Brazil that things happened and did his Belarmino, the “Catherine” end up in a litle places in Mutum, from where he could see envied.

Big Stones in the town where he was born and lived, in the south of Santa Catarina, the young Beniamino Galletti Guzzo grew in the simplicity of a traditional Neapolitan family. There, in Great Stones, she studied until the completion of the agricultural technical course.

Soon after, he puts the head should drop the family and moved to São Paulo. There he worked, studied and graduated Agricultural Engineer.

After graduating he went to work in the city of Sertaozinho, in a model farm, where he became responsible for creating pig headquarters Duroc, where he stayed until 1972. That’s when he met Chico Talkative, nickname Francisco Matias Maia, a farmer from Mutum who had gone to Sertaozinho buy a consignment of breed pigs for slaughter.

Beniamino was responsible for the sale, as a representative of the farm where he worked, and was responsible for monitoring Chico Talkative to Mutum, there should guide the construction of its own facilities for the creation of animals. This process was expected to take place in a period of ninety days, when the first arrays should be delivered.

Before ninety days past the arrival of Beniamino he had decided that never again Sertaozinho and was in love with Donata, daughter of Santino Italian, owner of Dairy Factory Santa Matilde, so even with “c” before the “t”.

When Beniamino decided it would be in Mutum definitively told Donata would the Great Stones to inform parents of their decision to marry and invites them to attend and take her with him. They went to São Paulo in the company’s car where Beniamino still working. There he hung up employment and, along with Donata, flew to Florianopolis, from which followed the bus to Big Rocks. When they returned, Beniamino already considered mutuense.

They married in 1972 and were still living in sitiozinho that Beniamino bought very close to the envy, which he would not let him forget Big Stones, south of Santa Catarina, a town where he was born.

Beniamino was who found the first bomb and warned the Army personnel where she was in a small ravine north of their land.

He found it by chance, an almost late at night when I was going to check why their dogs are barking so much, as if some strange animal at bay, near the small pond in the ravine funds. The strange animal was that object, the bomb that should not be there.

The news that the military had found one of the bombs that had sought immediately, two practical purposes: the first, to confirm that all that strange story, that a plane had dropped their bombs in Mutum, was true. That meant all that, so if they had found one of the other bombs also existed and needed to be found, for sure. The second effect was to cause in each of the city’s residents, a huge and willful desire to help the military in demand. Thus, mainly young students on vacation, formed their groups of friends and proposed to change the placidity of the cold days of July, they went on without doing anything important, just shaking the city at dusk, the adventure of becoming, who knows. Possible heroes. As if they were themselves Indiana Jones in search of stray bombs.

It was this spirit of adventure, natural in young people, which facilitated the events surrounding Cristina Maria Dias.

(To be continued next week)

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