My sister became an atom

Bárbara da Fonseca Palha

Alice was awakened at an unusual time: at 6 am, by her mother, who screamed at her about Beatriz, her sister, who had mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night. Still a little stunned, Alice replied that when she went to bed, her sister Beatriz was already sleeping, even surprised, because she used to sleep late in the morning and it was still 10 o’clock at night.
Even so, he didn’t care much and tried to go to sleep.
While Dona Luiza tried to call Beatriz’s friends, the hospitals and even the morgue, Alice went back to bed, to try to sleep again, in vain … a lost sleep can never be recovered. Alice had heard or read that phrase somewhere and although she did not remember where, she carried it with her as an absolute truth and now proved the truth of the fact!
Snuggled between the sheets, she started to think about what could have happened to her sister, and then the daydreams started.
She was abducted, of course! He stated emphatically. At a time when rational explanations no longer satisfied the most disturbing questions, a supernatural explanation solved the case.
But why would they take Beatriz? Alice wondered, and leave her there, safe and sound ?! He asked himself again: am I really that uninteresting? Okay, I was without a boyfriend for about three years, but being rejected by E.T’s would be the height of bachelorhood!
I already know! said Alice, my sister became an atom! And it could be anywhere in the room. Now it was necessary to be careful where to step, lie or sit. Would a magnifying glass help you find it? He thought. In any case, he tried to look in the trinket drawer. I didn’t think the idea was strange, after all, I had already watched a black and white film, some time ago, in which the main character, after going through a radiation cloud while sailing, was gradually decreasing in size, until finally he became a atom. Well, Alice was surprised that Beatriz was smaller than she was lately, or was it because of the platform heels she had abandoned? She thought, and kept looking for every millimeter of the room.
Leaving aside all the hypotheses that would explain her sister’s disappearance, she started to think the idea was good, after all, since she was a child, she shared a room with her and now at the age of 21 she needed her own space. He forgot the heroic battle in search of the lost atom and
proceeded to redecorate the room. He started by removing all those mystical objects from the sister’s shelves that only made dust accumulate: pyramids, crystals, incense holders. Ah! Incense sticks, he couldn’t stand them, they irritated his nose, but what could he do ?, Beatriz liked them, she had them in abundance and for all purposes: money, luck, harmonizing environments, success, love … Hum love, that one didn’t play outside, it was worth trying, he thought.
Even the wardrobes had to share. It was one of those couples with 6 doors, divided “sisterly”: on one side were Beatriz’s clothes and shoes and on the other side her things. I didn’t understand why he had to take the side that didn’t have drawers, just two shelves, his underwear was there, exposed, outside a decent drawer. Once she even called customer service to complain about the lack of drawers on her side of the wardrobe and suggested that they make a new model that contained the same number of drawers on both sides. How much nonsense!
But, resentment aside, he began to separate his clothes and shoes. As they wore the same number, she thought she could keep the shoes, since they already shared the wardrobe, they could also share the clothes, the shoes, that beautiful Redley dress that Beatriz had bought a week ago, anyway …
Beatriz wouldn’t mind, she was very evolved in these matters, she was a spiritist. Some blouses he didn’t like separated for donation, pure altruism, an inheritance left by his sister’s examples. Not the shoes, I wanted them all, after all I was in need, yours were very worn.
The other bed thought of donating too, but thinking about it and going back, she thought it best to leave it in the same place, it could serve as a guest bed, after all, her friends always used to sleep there whenever they came back from clubbing. If they slept in the
mattress close to the floor, they would now sleep in a real bed.
She separates her blouse to donate, throws away old shoes, boxes the pyramid of success, crystal of happiness, incense that attracts money, wind bell that made blim blim, that always scared her … When suddenly she hears a voice: “What is this, is someone moving? ”. Was
herself, Beatriz, standing there in the flesh and a disapproving countenance, like someone who wants to know why her clothes were in a supermarket bag, because her eccentric mystical objects were in a box, anyway … Alice couldn’t say : “You are the one who is moving and I am separating for donation everything I don’t like and I can’t stay”.

He ran to hug his sister as if he hadn’t seen her for … eight hours and thought how he could really believe that his sister had been reduced to an atom.

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