Jessica de Souza Carneiro
I refute Freud’s idea that God is a castrating father.
This belief separates, disuns, scares, limits. My God is made up of three elements. The first one is love. The other is kindness; then, nature.
For me, to have faith is to walk around the world, to know the abyss and not to fall … Not to hurt other people’s wounds and not to hurt oneself.
I shouldn’t complain about anything. I must do to deserve to be what I am, to have what I have achieved … To reap on Earth what I planted on it and try, on my own merit, in the sky, to reach the sun, but not a sun that punishes, but a sun that rewards .
People doubt this, although they blindly believe in much more blurred and blurry visions.
They let themselves be carried away by the tide, by the constancy of absolute truth,
for the safety of unchallenged sanity.
If one day I could get mad at this love that is God … I
I would see everything white, like the color of light that escapes from the edges, like the color around your eyes, like the color of my lucidity now.

CARNEIRO, J. S.. Edges. In: Proex / UFPA Culture Support Directorate. (Org.). II Proex / UFPA Prize for Literature Anthology Poesias, Chronicles and Tales. 22ed.b: UFPA, 2011, v. 2, p. 77

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