Sara Oriana
I thought I knew what magic was until I touched you
I thought what it was like to love until I met you
Who knew what pain was before I lost you
Who knew what was empty before you put me out

I was touched by this magic, and everything fell apart
The standards, the designs, all the plans, everything failed
I want to ask why, a thousand times, beg
That you explain to me, that you lie to me, I want to stop crying

I want you to look me straight in the eye and tell me
That it was nothing, it was all my imagination
That only I felt all this, so that there is only one solution
To tell me it’s a medical case that’s just an obsession

I want to go to a psychologist and get you out of me,
Like someone who takes a drug from inside
Perceive, understand and find an end to this
Memories betray me but don’t let go of the feeling

Treat me like I’m a stranger
As if we hadn’t told secrets
As if you hadn’t said anything
Not even let me know your fears

And then I repeat to myself, it was just a day
Maybe I’m the crazy one, and you’re a person who knew
A night lost in fading memories
And we people who barely knew each other, and no longer know each other

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