Jacqueline Lima Coelho Sampaio

Boy running
That runs, that walks
Your walking is running
Among marketers, dogs, cats
Look at the pile of garbage!
Dribbles the obstacles with the mastery that the kid condition
mischievous gives him
The smell of fruit, manure
Beggars with their own dialects
Ignores everything, running like the only lucid madman in the place
The fair boils – it’s fresh fish day and promotion
Oblivious to everything he runs, playing with other children
Alone is also worth
And all the fascination of that bunch of people buying
How capitalists buy!
He just wants to run, just wants to play
Forgetting poverty, the absent father, the mother who drinks and the gum that
should sell at sign
The fair is teeming with people and animals
He is fascinated with everything and runs, freed from earthly problems
Need to appreciate while it doesn’t grow (growing is the problem)
Only your childish look still captures the magic of that place
That fair pulsates like a heart
He’s just a cell, wandering around, being thrown back and forth with every pulse
And it ends
The sun descends on the horizon and ends
The world is getting so quiet!
Upon returning to the shack, next to Ver-o-Peso, he
-Safado! Didn’t you sell any gum?
Does not matter…
The wounds sting, but it doesn’t matter
A dream is worth living
It is worth being a free bird that smells of priprioca
Sleep, exhausted
Tomorrow is another day and the fair will burst with life
The heart will beat once again

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