Posted on August 6, 2020 by poetateixeira in Uncategorized
In the effects of arrogance, pride, as well as the drunkenness that power provokes. There are formaldehyde, antibiotics, anesthesia, anti-ophidic serum, (even because it is the viper itself), analgesic, in short, a multitude of chemicals, which leaves the person immune and with super powers, fed by vanity. It is not difficult to find, gifted people, with these superpowers, like superheroes of the film industry. Just go out there, interact with the supposedly similar ones, who will be identified. This is one of the biggest epidemics, causing serious damage, in all humanity.
The vanity of thinking that everything can, added to the ambition of having, and saying I am! It elevates this human being, to the condition of the worst animals, to walk on the surface of the earth, float on water, and or, in the immensity of the horizon. Through, I am! As fuel to propel him, he goes out to commit barbarians, without showing the least feelings, as a humanitarian gesture. In other words: he is superior to everything and everyone. These are the effects of arrogance, the others are consequences.
Author: Ademildo Teixeira Sobrinho __


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