Clarice Lispector

I will soon explain what “intimate life” means. So intimate life means that we shouldn’t tell everyone what is going on in our house. These are things that are not said to anyone.
Well, I’m going to tell you about Laura’s intimate life.
Now guess who and Laura.
I give you a kiss on the forehead if you guess. And I doubt you will get it right! Make three guesses.

See how difficult it is?
For Laura is a chicken.

It is a very simple chicken.
I ask you to please like Laura right away because she is the nicest chicken I have ever seen. I lived in Dona Luísa’s yard with the other birds. She is married to a rooster named Luís. Luís is very fond of Laura. although I sometimes fight with her. But a quarrel for nothing.
I think I’m going to have to tell you a truth. The truth is, Laura has the ugliest neck I’ve ever seen in the world. But you don’t mind, do you? Because what really matters is to be beautiful inside. Do you have beauty inside? I bet you have it. How do I know? I’m guessing you.
Another truth: Laura is quite stupid. There are people who think she is stupid, but this is also an exaggeration: those who know Laura well know that Laura has her little thoughts and feelings. Not many, but there are, there are Just because she knows she is not completely stupid she is all prose and silly. She thinks she does. But in general he doesn’t think much of anything.
Luís strolls all day in the yard among the chickens, his chest swollen with vanity. It is because he thinks that, knowing how to sing at dawn, he commands the Moon and the Sun.
Do you know that God likes chicken? And do you know how I know He likes it? Here’s the thing: if He didn’t like chicken, He just didn’t make chicken in the world. God likes you too, otherwise He didn’t make you. But why do mice? Do not know.
Laura doesn’t kiss anyone. I think she makes Hermany a little awkward. In fact, I’ve never seen anyone more awkward than this chicken. Everything she does is kind of wrong. Less eating. And, of course, it makes an egg right.
There is a way of eating chicken that is called “chicken with brown sauce”. Have you eaten? The sauce is made with the blood of the chicken. But there is no point in ordering to buy dead chicken: it has to be alive and killed at home to use the blood. And I don’t do that. No killing chicken.
How nice to be protected by a Jupiter inhabitant, Laura thought and started sleeping again. But waking up in the middle of the night Laura tired, and the next day the cook said to Dona Luísa:

  • Laura looks like yesterday.
    “Yesterday’s face” means a sleeping face.
    The story of Laura and her adventures is over here. After all, Laura has a very nice little life.
    If you know any chicken stories, I want to know. Or invent a good one and tell me.
    Laura is very lively.

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