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(Episode 9)

JUNE 30, 1975

The other day, still early, I went to the newsroom of the newspaper of the People, where she worked. The event of the news in Mutum had spread and everyone wanted to know more than me about it, because I am from there, Mutum, where the event happened. I explained that I had spoken in my grandparents’ house, but they did not know anything other than what had been reported.

The Editor-in-Chief, Manfredo Kurt, with that special way and all his experience of more than thirty years sniffing news, called me in his room and told me “There are things. I have a feeling that there are things. I want you to go there and get up close. After all, they were bombed his town, is not it? “

It was not yet ten in the morning and I was already on the way, on the road, as decreed my managing editor, led by Francisco Neto, People’s Journal of the driver in a Volkswagen Beetle, towards Mutum.

We would pass by Ouro Preto and New Bridge, shortest path, with paved road to Manhuaçu. From there, we would by dirt road to Mutum, passing through Lajinha. Not happening any unforeseen, we arrive at Mutum no later than the end of the day or early evening.

During the trip, while Francisco Neto was concerned only in getting as quickly as possible to Mutum, I tried, in my mind, to understand the events in a logical manner. But do not forget me of Manfredo Kurt’s words “there are things”. What things, I thought, could be hidden in the news that a military aircraft was during a crash, loose their bombs on Mutum? What kind of bombs would be? Why the Air Force has not loosened any official note? What was a military plane flying over the region of Mutum? Why was carrying bombs? How many bombs?

I, until that moment of the trip, was not able to answer with certainty, any of the many questions that until that moment had formulated in my mind. Though he could make numerous assumptions, based on information I had and were, in most cases, the lack of most of the common people.

As some facts that formed the basis for the military uprising that overthrew Jango.

(To be continued next week)

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