Franz Kafka
Before the Law is a guard. A man from the country comes and asks to enter the Law. But the guard tells him that, for now, he cannot authorize him to enter. The man considers and asks later if he can enter later. – “It’s possible” – says the guard. – “But not now!”. The guard then moves away from the door of the Law, open as usual, and the man bends to look inside. Seeing such, the guard laughs and says. – ”If it attracts you so much, try to enter, despite my prohibition. However, notice, I am strong. And yet I am the last of the guards. From room to room there are more and more strong guards, so that I cannot even bear the eyes of the third party after me ”. The countryman did not expect so many difficulties. The Law should be accessible to everyone and always, he thinks. But when looking at the guard wrapped in his fur-lined coat, his sharp nose, his beard like tartar, long, thin and black, he prefers to wait until he is allowed to enter. The guard gives him a stool and tells him to sit by the door, slightly sideways. There he stays, days and years. He makes several steps to enter and, with his supplications, ends up tiring the guard. The latter asks him, from time to time, small interrogations, asking him for his country and for many other things, but these are questions that are asked with indifference, like the great lords, in the end, he always ends up saying that he cannot yet leave him. you enter. The man, who had proven himself well for the trip, employs all costly means to bribe the guard. He accepts everything but always says: – “I accept only so that you are convinced that you have not missed anything”. For years at a time, almost continuously, the man watches the guard. He forgets others and that seems to him to be the only obstacle to entering the Law. In the first years he says badly about his luck, loud and clear and then, when he gets older, he just grumbles between his teeth. He becomes a child and as, after examining the guard for so many years, he even knows the fleas of the skins he wears, he also asks the fleas to help him to demote the guard. Finally, it weakens his eyesight and he ends up not knowing if it is dark around him or if his eyes deceive him. But he still perceives, in the middle of the darkness, a light that eternally flickers over the door of the Law. Now death is near. Before he dies, the experiences of so many years accumulate in his head, which will all culminate in a question he has not yet asked the guard. It gives you a small signal, as you cannot move your already cooled body. The guard of the door has to lean down very low because the difference in height has become even greater at the expense of the countryman. – “What do you want to know yet?” Asks the guard. – “You are insatiable”. – “If everyone aspires to the Law”, said the man. – “How is it that, during all these years, no one but me asked to enter?”. The guard at the door, realizing that the man was at the end, screams in his almost inert ear: – ”Here, no one else but you could enter, because this door was made for you only. Now I’m going to leave and close it ”.
(Parable that is part of the book “The Process”)Enviar feedbackHistóricoSalvasComunidade

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