Under the raging sea I enter

Anselmo de Sousa Gomes

Under the raging sea I enter,
Made of sterile pearl oyster.
And there, in the soft and always cold sand,
I subdue my fears, my days,
Forgotten forever in non-oxygen
Fish and mermaids.
Under the monumental waves I rest,
Embedded between the hulls of expired ships.
And there, in the living coral fuselage,
I get rid of the caste of thoughts,
Forever made science
From the bones of admirals and Camões.
Under the salty foam I forget
Anything that is not jellyfish or whale.
And there, on the white spit of the tides,
I ignite my ignorance dear,
Forever metamorphosed consciousness
Abyssal canyons.
Under Neptune’s trident I shelter
The constant threat of fighting.
And there, in the mythical protection of the eternal weapon,
I reserve the right not to be.
Forever happy to see the shadow
From Ulysses and Moby Dick.
Under the seaweed forests I camouflage
Becoming slim, irrelevant and edible.
And there, among the cold liquid leaves,
I give truce to the Universe
Forever my brother on the plotted route

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