Giuseppe Ungaretti

Corner first
O shadow sister
Night the more the light has strength
Chasing me, death.

In a pure garden
The light gave you the naive burning
And peace was lost,
Thoughtful death,
Over your mouth.

Since that moment
I hear you in the flow of the mind
Deepen the distance
Suffering emula of the eternal

Poisonous mother of evos
In dread of throbbing
And loneliness

Beauty punished and laughing

In appeasing the flesh
Dreamy evasive

Sleepless athlete
Of our greatness

When you have tamed me, tell me:

In melancholy two alive
Will my shadow fly long?

Second corner
Dig the intimate lives
From our unhappy mask
(Clause of infinity)
With bland fanatic
The fusca parents’ vigil.

Death, dumb word,
Sand deposited as a bed
By the Blood
I hear you sing like a cicada
In the mourning rose of the reflections.

Third corner
Focus on secret wrinkles
From our unhappy mask
The endless mold of the parents.

You, in the deep light,
O Confused silence,
Insists like angry cicadas.

Corner room
Clouds took me by the hand.

Burn over hills time and space
As your messenger,
Like a dream, divine death.

Fifth corner
You closed your eyes.

One night is born
Full of fictional holes,
Of dead sounds
Made corks
Of nets fallen in the water.

Your hands are made like a breath
Of inviolable distances,
Inferrible with ideas,

And the misunderstanding of the moon
And the rocking, sweetest,
If you want to rest me on my eyes
Touch the soul

You are the woman who passes by
Made a leaf

And leaves an autumn fire in the trees.

Sixth corner
O beautiful prey,
Night Voice,
Your moves
Foster fever.

Only you, demented memory,
Freedom you can capture.

Upon your unavoidable flesh,
And wavering inside turbid mirrors,
What crimes, dream,
Didn’t you teach me to consummate?

With you ghosts, I no longer have detention,

And from your remorse my heart replenishes
When it is daytime.

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