Boris Pasternak

Being famous is not beautiful.
It doesn’t make us more creative.
Files are unnecessary.
A manuscript is just a writing.
The purpose of art is to donate only.
They are not the laurels nor the loas.
It constrains us, poor people,
Being in everyone’s mouth.
We must live without imposture.
Live to the last steps.
Learning to love spaces
And listening to the sound of the future voice.
It’s good to leave whites on the edge
Not from paper, but from fate,
And in these gaps, leave registered
Chapters of a lifetime.
Erase yourself in anonymity,
Hiding our passage
For life, as for the landscape
Hides the cloud modestly.
Some will follow, step by step,
The tracks of your pass,
But you must not separate
Your success from your failure.
You should not give up a minimum
Immo piece of your being,
Just be alive and stay
Live, and live to the end.

  • Boris Pasternak (Борис Пастернак), in the book “Poetry of refusal”. [organization and translation Augusto de Campos]. Signos 42 collection. São Paulo: Editora Perspectiva, 2006. The Russian original has no title.

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