The Love, My Love

Cartaz, Mãos Abraço, Amor, Happyvalentine Do

Mia Couto

Our love is impure
how impure is light and water
and everything that is born
and lives beyond time.
My legs are water,
yours are light
and go around the universe
when they bond
until they become desert and dark.
And I suffer from hugging you
after hugging you to not suffer.
And I touch you
to stop having body
and my body is born
when it dies in yours.
And breathe in you
to suffocate me
and lurk in your clarity
to blind me,
my sun poured into the moon,
my dawn night.
You drink me
and I will become your headquarters.
My lips bite,
my teeth kiss,
my skin wears you
and you’re even more naked.
Could I be you
And in your longing be my own waiting.
But I lie in your bed
When I just wanted to sleep on you.
And I dream of you
When I longed to be your dream.
And levite, seed flight,
to plant myself
less than flower: simple perfume,
souvenir of a floorless petal to fall on.
Your eyes flooding mine
and my life, already without a bed,
go up the banks
until everything is sea.
This sea that exists only after the sea.
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