Brief profile of a passerby any

João Marcelino Pantoja Rodrigues

As a human it was more than a process
How excess was almost an insane
It was unique in different environments
It was curved, complex and flat.
It was a fact, but not accomplished.
Curious and somewhat profane
Bossa nova during January
Carnival for the rest of the year
A sharp-pitched singer
As an actor it was all improv
How drama was stage and applause
It was crying wet with laughter
As applause was almost a delusion
It was the scream that echoes outside
As a lily stretched into the valley
Spreading the dawn mornings
As voice was almost hoarse
How crazy was almost perfect
He was mayor, but it didn’t last long.
No reason to be re-elected
It was a lot and a little
On your part it was always whole
In an instant it was cause and effect
Paraense, paulista, mineiro …
As a goal it was almost a thing
How successful it was
How the world was a great mystery
It was serious with unrestrained humor
As the chord was the color of silence
An appendix in the form of a clue
As it was inconsistent
As the link was just a torment
It was night, it was day, it was eclipse.
Confused as a time zone
As space was not very symmetrical
Now nomad, now sedentary.
As cause it was almost an abuse
How abuse was order and orgy
As verse it was appreciation and prose
How prose exuded poetry
He was undaunted, but not so colossal.
Heroic, but not resounding.
Ipiranga with non-placid margins
Dramatic or comedian
As a lover he was almost sincere
It stretched in more than a thousand arms
Capturing naked bodies, loved ones,
Between loves, moans and snogging …
How love was more than platonic
Anonymous a discreet body
So uncertain without guilt or synonym
Illusion, dimension of the secret.
It was the fight in dissolved sweat
It was landing with no apparent runway
It was him, it was light, it was the deal …
It was life in the form of people.

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