Lyricism in (about) living

Airton Souza de Oliveira

Abandoned the lyricism of (about) living
unpacked and removed his suits
put on colorful rubber espadrilles
cleaned the lipstick residue that still
persisted in existing on the lips
pretended he never loved
disguised the accuracy of the night hours
forgot the caresses of the past moment
washed his face completely
looked at himself in the old piece of mirror
hanging on the old clay wall
in the reflection, her eyes caught a glimpse of herself
no ornament to decorate you
some signs of the weather on the face
not a memory of childhood
as well as time, which also doesn’t
have childhood
while the stomach was complaining about the absence
any bread
the tired body insisted on resting
clay pot, took a glass of water
drank in a tasty treat
ran his hand over his body
like someone who cleaned the dirt
the discoloration of the discolored roof
looked at the dark sky without knowing the exact time
contemplated stars dancing in the darkness
lay in the same simple bed as always
ignored the cold and everyone
closed the eyelids and rested the retinas.
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