Retreating Indiana

Max Reis
It’s hard to say in every rhyme
What has been talked about for life
Of this man who descends uphill
And backwards steps up
When everything is sad soon it animates
From the gogó takes a melody sound
And sadness smiles in singing
Whoever arrives whistles and sings
And whoever starts humming
With a chest full of joy
It was the rooster crowing in the morning
Hatching chickens on perch
That this man-boy was the first
Saluting the dawn of the kitchen
And after coffee, donut and flour
It was already seen in the heart of the forest
The folder falling over the forehead
And a knife stuck in the shorts
Black Indian, Bai-bai, lightning and thunder
A native peering through the crack
In that time we walked slowly
Short, measured, almost slow steps
As if puffed by the winds
I’m sure you could wait
Speak softly, paused and without shouting
In the cheerful conversations of the veranda
There he grew up in a bland life
Between leaves, roots and igapó
Imitating the singing of the bullfinch
Where the time of time does not go away
But nobody knows for sure their destiny
Where and when to arrive without even going
And for being brave and fearless
It was following the footsteps of a feline
Much more certain to say – a lion
Hoping for a happy life
There in the brenches so it is said
As if in the grandeur of the city
Were such happiness
Invisible and a hand’s nose
He put the laundry bag on the neck
And the knife in the shoe sock
Didn’t even look back to see the bush
Turn sadness into a whip
When the boat lit its searchlight
Longing shone in his pupil
Drop by drop a pain lined up
And in the corner of his eyes, he cried
Dark night of pure disenchantment
In which fear does not kill, but mutilates
He landed like a poor retiree
Among the stones of Beco do Cardoso
Stepping was a little awesome
I didn’t even remember the figure of a Xavante
Downcast and with wrinkles on his face
He entered the house a little sad
From the window that life watches everything
Glimpsed mansions and the old church
As at the end of the prayer he said “so be it”
Birdie can’t live without birdseed

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