real mermaid

Angelica Freitas

the cruel was that however beautiful
as much as the tears boasted
faithful aristocratic genetics
and the hands were skilled
handling embroidery and roast chickens
and the hair attested
turtle combs and great care, bewilderment would always be
with the tail of the mermaid don’t want to tell the story
after andersen & co.
everyone knows the hardships
impossible wish first
by the prince (doll in formalwear)
then awareness
of a powerful macumba in exchange, something is left
the voice, the elastic hymen
the méditerranée membership card
the procedures are hard
female bipeds are wrong
imputing to high heels
the most correct pain to haughtiness
the mermaid steps on knives when using her feet
and who takes it seriously?
better would be an ending
when it came back to the original tail
and never shave
instead of the elephant dancing in the brain
when she meets the prince
and 36 fingers
that sprout when she reaches out

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