If it encompasses

Jorge Domingues Lopes

March Preamar
Paraoara abanca at the bailéu
Under the shapeless night
Mounts and barriers
to the tip
Faced in tijupar
Carapanãs, nets and maruins
drink and sing
The river that leaves
the port
Panema, worldwide
Pale chibé without pitú
the hunger
Look at the passing acacã
in dreams
And leave the cold in the spurt
From the muddy shadows of the tapera
calm down
Stick, Boto cuíra chases
and changes
Camba alone through holes
Maresher of heresies and tapiris
Far away, only the attention of aningas
And the tajá goodbye
The look, poita thrown in the night
Leave the old bubu regatão
in time
Peaked in the growing stream
Jacumã in Peru
Mature taperebá in the paneiro
Sitting in the light
From the edges of the bowl
From old putiruns, farms
Loading aturas
The joy of the tough tools
lassa closure
Brown horse, tears
Bangolou and was angry at peconha
Assembling holes and holes
cages and more
The world has become smaller
Uncertain traces of the tesos
to the falls
The pitiú on the boarded body
Gapping peacocks, pirás
Naps without shoulder blades
nor ends
A tucumã wine pipira noise
and loves in the old jirau
It encompasses the stream along the bank
Greeted by the last shadows
do tijuco in tipitinga bed
Ending the silence
to strings
To launch a broken name
In the distance
the vague anchor of your forgetfulness.Enviar feedbackHistóricoSalvas

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