The kiss

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Always Romantic Leninha

I wanted peace, a cozy place, a place to think and rethink my life, get out of the routine, take a break from work and nothing better than a walk with nature, in the middle of nowhere, a place where people retreat to stay in harmony.

My intimate needs to calm down, breathe fresh air, reflect on what I did with my life, where I got to and where to go.
I see myself now sitting here facing the lake, where people walk quietly and I just admire everything around me …

It was then that I saw him walking among the trees, with an almost ethereal absent air, he formed a beautiful set with the nature around him.

Looking more closely I thought I already knew that man, his features were familiar to me, his walking, his hair, and finally his eyes, it was then that I found myself transported to a distant past, yes I knew “you” … The memories I had were a happy young teenager next to me, smiling, intensely living every moment beside me.

A smile played on my face at the memories that simmered in my head, and that’s how you saw me …
The instant our eyes met you stopped, I saw the recognition, it was immediate, I saw the same memories in you and a smile also lit up your face.

I felt my whole body tremble when I saw you coming towards me, my hands were cold, I found myself static, paralyzed.

At that moment, thousands of doubts simmered in my head, I didn’t know how to react to this meeting, what to say how to behave, you were so important in my life, and it gradually drove us away, like giving us time to get along. find out and today was the day to put the cards on the table, questions that didn’t want to shut up, my life at that moment was a big “WHY”

But all the questions fell silent the instant you touched my face and called me by name, I felt like a teenager again, free, whole …
No words needed to be said, it was like a meeting of souls, all doubts fell silent it was just you and me, nothing around mattered.

I felt the approach, his breathing accelerated, I closed my eyes, the only thing I knew was that my heart was racing and that we were breathing the same air so close, so I felt his lips next to mine, a kiss, warm, but deep, me I felt myself sinking into an abyss of sensations, I lost myself in his arms, I surrendered to that moment as if he were the last, and God help him, because to die in that way would be to enter the gates of paradise.

I am again that passionate teenager, living the only moment where I was happy, the day I met you and gave myself up to a kiss as overwhelming as this.
A kiss that only lasted a few minutes, but that made me travel to when we walked hand in hand, when the only thing that mattered was the sound of his smile, the tone of his voice when saying he loved me, how good it was to touch – me in your chest, and how magical the day I gave myself to you.

We spent too much time away from each other, I feel that now I can never let you go again, I feel that my life now begins at your side, all in a fraction of a kiss!

Then eye to eye, a moment of shyness, a brief smile, expectation in the air, neither of them dares to speak, even for fear of breaking the spell, a sigh …

– Where have you been all this time ?!

With a slight smile you answer me:

– I was always kept in your heart, waiting for the right moment to come back and take my place in your life, I missed you!

We find ourselves smiling at each other, finally together and now I hope forever …

One more kiss to seal our date … We lost again in each other’s arms …


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