Rent a body

Larissa Cristina Chaves de Souza Martins

I am the one available.
I am the being that makes your soul available to any type of animal.
I have wings, I have fire, I have pain, I have love, I have lies.
I didn’t come to enchant, nor to bore, I came to deceive.
As long as you believe in Me, I am complete.
On the smooth, running wood floor, in the warm lights,
In the songs that suck my ears, in the sweat that sweats
through my skin,
I am who I want to be.
I’m an angel and demon, ready to donate myself to the universe of
sincere lies.
I feed on the sweet sound of applause and make myself queen
even when I’m a beggar.
I have fear impregnated in my skin and madness running
through my veins.
There are no limits, there are no fences. It’s an infinite field
overflowing with insanity, intensity, truth, comedy and
The ugly can be beautiful, the blue can be green, the villain can be
charming, everyone can be everyone.
I am a believer of the impossible, I am raw flesh trodden upon
road of passion, I am a girl-woman built to deceive,
I’m a thousand in one. I’m an actress!

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