Floresta, Caminhadas

I have in her eyes
my safe haven.
So when I’m bitter and sad
and when misfortune approaches me,
I look in your eyes for the light I lack
and I feel calm, immediately.

My love drowns in her eyes!

She has in her hands
the line of my life.
My path, my course,
where I go step by step
my destiny,
it’s your right hand
who orders and I follow her,
while the left hand
constant affection makes me
I am not used to
and they always electrify me.

In the prison of your hands I lost my freedom!

One day her body
touched my body
and then a chill came over me,
it grew wild and turned into desire.
Uncontrollable desire that burned my skin
leaving visible and eternal scar.
Wonderful desire
that kept your body warm
in my body, both of them numb,
until their peace is expressed, faint
in my faint arms.

We die and are reborn in one moment!

we live in the heart of each other,
with love.
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