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I’m coming from the beach.
I stayed on the coast of Espírito Santo exactly five days. Wonderful five days. Too good of the bill. I was very tired but now I am completely recovered. Ready to start my work again. New breath acquired by the sea.
There is nothing more beautiful, Ju, than a star-filled night seen from the sand of a beach. The immensity of the sea joining the immensity of the sky covered with blinking dots of light, blinking overhead. The light ripple of the waters rocks us at a slow pace and makes us imagine the whole Earth swaying, slightly. It is the world that rocks. It is the world that rocks, rocks and soothes us as if it embraces us with affection.
In the morning the sea is green, illuminated by the sun’s rays. Its water welcomes us warm and salts our skin while the sun tans us. I, my daughter, who am very white, do not feel tan, but literally bake. How I burn! How I turn red! How my body burns in the early days. Then, I’m another dad. Sunburnt. Rejuvenated.
From the apartment I can see a part of the beach. Sand and sea mix.
The smell of the sea is different from all smells, you know? No, you don’t know, little girl. You didn’t smell that. You have not seen the whiteness of the sand on the beach or the green or blue of the waters at sea. He did not feel the waves sway or pick up shells in the sand when the tide ebbed. Not even starfish sunk in the mud of the beach. Ah, the smell. You didn’t even smell that sweet, sickening, but so striking, smell of the sea. You didn’t see the sea. His eyes, I am sure, would open in amazement and delighted to see him. There are no eyes of anyone in the world who are not surprised and delighted to see, for the first time, the immensity of the sea. Ah, how I wish I could have seen, witnessed and witnessed your astonishment!
I missed your mother so much! You know, Ju, we’ve never been together by the sea. We had no opportunities. It is not good to be alone on a beach. The greatness of the sea, the curvature of the earth being lost in the endless horizon, the waves breaking at our feet, the heat of the sand, the breeze to envelop us, all of this is to be experienced together, not alone. Ah, how I missed your mother. I promised myself that I would never, but never again, be lonely by the sea again.
You know what, Juliana, even though intoxicated by the peace that comes from the sea, intoxicated by the charm of the region, I still didn’t feel perfectly happy. At night, a sadness took over my being. Every night I suffered in silence. In solitude. Without having someone to vent. Ah, how loneliness at night depresses me and how loneliness at night consumes me. I will never get used to being alone in my nights. I have always agreed with the idea that nights are suitable for the rest of the day. But it is impossible to rest the tiredness of the day when we are alone, all night. There is nothing better than sleeping on a hook.
I believe that the enchantment of moments spent by the sea will take many days to end. I will certainly be able, for some time, even though I am no longer there, to close my eyes and breathe in the sea breeze. I will certainly be able to feel the pleasant warmth of the sun’s rays on my skin, even when sitting at my desk, in the closed, dark room of my work. I will certainly be able to lay my body on my bed at night and count the stars in the sky beyond the ceiling of my room. And see them blinking, blinking, like fireflies in the dark night of an inner city. Ah, how good it is to know that even though I returned, I brought a little bit of meekness, peace, beauty, the charm of the sea with me. Too bad it will get lost little by little, until it gets lost once and for all in my memory in my day to day.
Well, daughter, for today I think that’s it. While writing I managed to live a day on the beach again. Was very good
Loving and homesick kisses from

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